The following excursions are available: 

District center of ethnography Pozharische offers interactive artistic programs on local customs, traditions and holidays, presentations of traditional food and costumes. 

Nyuksenitsa District local lore museum offers displays of traditional folk culture, local lore and replicas of the natural habitat. 

Opoki cliffs are the famous geological split on the shore of the Sukhona river. Steep dry cliffs 65 mitres high (213.255 feet) are the result of the river deposits for many centuries. All rocks are considered sediments of the Quaternary and Permian periods. 
In 1943-1947 this territory was part of GULAG (System of Soviet labour camps and prisons). In the early 21 century Opoki cliffs obtained a status of a wild life preserve. 

The town of Veliky Ustyug is known for its skilled craftsmen who work with wood and silver. It is also recognized as a family recreation center, since it is the official residence of a fairytale character, Russia’s Father Frost. 

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